Baby Birds


Okay, it seems like I'm the worst blogger ever. Need a proof? Just take a look at my last post. It feels like I didn't post anything for long, long, and long time. Yeah, I have to say, it's a hard thing to be an active photo-blogger. Yup, especially for me. The situation will be getting harder when you don't have any photos to post. And it'll be getting so much harder when you can't take new photos because you have lots of homeworks and duties. So, from my deepest part of my heart, I'm so sorry if I keep letting this blog turn to dust. However, here I am. But I can't guarantee that I won't let it happen again. Just forgive me, okay? ><

Well, I have many stories to tell. From the first pict you can see a cute little blue baby bird. It wasn't quiet long since we had him for the first time. But sadly, (maybe around last week) he was sick and finally, he died. Let's say that it's a sad story. But I have another story which is a funny one. Around a couple days after all of those sad things about blue, my bro bought a new baby bird again. Yup, you can see him on the 4th photo. And unfortunately, sadly, and tragically, he ran away because of my brother's smartness hahaha. When my brother wanted to feed him, my brother took out him from his cage. Then he flew happily with all of the freedom in his heart hahaha. He even didn't stay at our home for two hours! And yeah, for the 2nd time we lost cute little birds again. ><

Those are my stories, how about you? Absolutely, I'd love to read all of your stories.

Have a wonderful holiday!


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  1. Cute baby birdies!<3<3
    I'm so agree with you "it's a hard thing to be an active picture-blogger"... But it's hard yet so fun!<3

    Happy Holidays,

  2. I so get what you are talking about, since I have difficulties to take time and take photos due to university too! But those first of the parrot are so cute! Maybe you want to follow each other? Have happy holidays!


  3. OMG they are so cute!!!
    It's so sweet!!! You really have patience to do this! Lovely!
    Such a nice post girl!
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and Facebook?
    Let me know on my blog sugar!
    Love, Lima xoxo

  4. Love your blog!!
    Started following your blog via GFC, would your like to follow me?


  5. Hello dear! Nice blog. I find you post very interesting)

    Lets follow each other on GFC?)


  6. Thank you so much ♥
    Beautiful pictures!

  7. Gorgeous pics!
    Happy Holidays <3

    PS. Im looking for mulual followers, are you in??
    >> <<

  8. Lovely blog! Would you like to follow each other? :)

  9. lovely photos dear!! would you like to follow each other on GFC, G+ and Bloglovin? if you do, just follow me and let me know on my blog. I'll follow you right back! :)

    love, M

  10. Awesome blog!!! Happy New Year!!!
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  11. Balasan
    1. I'm so sorry I can't open your blog and I don't know why :(
      are you sure if it's a right link?

  12. Really beautiful creatures, i love the photos :) Anyways, i followed you via gfc (#137), hope you can follow back :)
    Happy New Year To you and your Family <3