Finding X


My friend and I have done a silly seeking mission called "finding X" today. Let's say, He's kind of almost-perfect-human being that God has ever created. We've been following him on Ask Fm because all of his mind blowing anwers. It's awesome to see someone who's really able to criticize the world beyond his own age. 

So after that admiring and wondering stuffs my friend and I have been doing recently, we decided to visit his faculty, wishing we would unexpectedly meet X in real life. I was already curious about him since the fact that X and I go to the same university. So without any dubiety in our guts, my friend and I went to there and you can guess the rest of the story, WE FINALLY MET HIM. Yaaas indeed he's an intelligent guy both in social media and real life. He's also pretty good looking hehehe. When we were pretending to walking by next to him, I heard he was having something serious, important, and heavy conversation with his friend. It looked like all of those words had come out of his mouth were the outcome from his sick smart brain. I know you might be thinking that I'm too overwhelmed by him. But I'm sure, you'd do the same thing as I do if you knew him on Ask Fm and real life. 

Omfg! This whole idea of seeking him makes me realize how unnecessary my life has been spent. We're in the same age, he's like already knowing everything, and me? Still struggling and dabbling in the same inconsequential things everyday. I should definitely start figuring out what I'm exactly supposed to do in this life by now. 

Btw, may I introduce my main model, this cutie pie parrot, Jojo!

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