Scrolling through my camera roll is like diving into a pile of super random stuffs. I love taking photos with my iphone and my dslr. Seriously, when I say this, I mean it. There are a bunch of selfies, wefies, candids, assignments, flowers, foods, and many other random pics I can't describe. Ah, and I can't miss this one, 1024 screenshots (at the moment). Hence, it has always been an entertainment for me when I get a spare time to scrolling through my gallery. It also becomes an absolute reminder to everything I used to get in love with. Then I remember, once in a while, how much I love taking photos of foods (as you can see in my previous posts). I have to say, food photography is a hard thing to do, when (1) you can barely find or eat pretty foods, (2) you can't cook, and (3) you don't have good skills in plating, lighting, or the most important thing, taking good photographs. I'm not that kind of cool kids who always be able to hangout in well-known or high-end places in every weekends. I know I may sound sceptic right now, but trust me, those places are the heaven of photo-able foods. I'm also not that kind of person who was born with hands of a chef. So, you can imagine how many obstacles I should face just to have a single decent food photo. That's why there is a very long gap between my last post and this one. It took me a quiet long time to realise that food photography isn't my thing, at least for now. Thus I would dedicate this post to share my other food photos which I haven't shared in here. Additionally to be a reminder in the future that I had ever had a devotion to food photography. Please, pardon how amateur these photos are.


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  1. Your food photographs are so on point! And I fell in love with the egg yolk, it's so tempting! xD

    Novreica |